Sparrow Clothes Clip

These cheerful sparrow clothes clip crafted in the shape of adorable sparrow silhouettes are plenty practical and simply adorable. The brightly colored clips can be used to clutch the laundry as it dries, seal a bag of snack or even showcase photographs and display artworks. No matter how you use them, they will surely brighten the drying rack, or your lunch sack.

The Happiness Counter Refrigerator

If you’re hungry, you need to smile. Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a smile-activated refrigerator, which requires users to flash a grin to open the refrigerator door. “The Happiness Counter” aims to naturally encourage smiling in our every day lives. Equipped with built-in Sony CyberShot digital camera that features smile-recognition technology and an attached light sensor, it can sense when a smile has been flashed and unlocks the refrigerator door.

The Corner Ladder

The Corner Ladder is a beautifully designed wooden ladder that can be easily folded into itself for slim storage. The Corner Ladder, features rungs that split in two and grooves in the rails so the whole thing collapses into a fraction of its original size. So it’s easy to stash in the corner of a closet, or slide into the smallest of crawl spaces. And the intelligent way the rungs fold away means the ladder is still incredibly sturdy when unfolded.


The Popinator

The Popinator is the world’s first fully automated, voice activated popcorn shooter triggered by the word “POP”. The Popinator uses a binaural microphone to identify where you mouth is when you say “POP”, and then fires a single piece off in that direction, letting you catch it with your mouth. According to Popcorn Indiana, “there is no shipping date and no price tag”, but the company says, “We certainly hope that one day it will become a commercial product.”