BalKonzept – Table & Planter for balconies


Life in the city makes us dream about an “outside space”. Very often there is just a small balcony without space for a table. With BALKONZEPT it is finally possible to invest the small balcony. No matter the size of your balcony it settles directly on the balustrade. In the receptacle it is possible to plant flowers and aromatic grasses, or to fill it with ice for the champagne.

Lumio – Folding Book Lamp


The name Lumio is inspired by the idea of an illuminated book. The light turns on when you open the cover and turns off when it’s closed. Lumio illuminates when you need light and stows away compactly when unused, ideal for modern living. Adjust the lamp as your lighting needs change throughout the day. Use it as a table lamp, a wall sconce, ceiling pendant, ambient lighting, outdoor lighting or come up with your own unique ways to use Lumio.

Philips Wake-Up Light


The new cool Philips Wake-Up Light more or less simulates the sun right in your very own bedroom each morning to naturally awaken you from a peaceful slumber. This innovative lamp slowly simulates an actual sunrise 20 to 40 minutes before an alarm of five different nature sounds begins to awaken you naturally for an improved mood and energy level. It features the colored sunrise simulation that gradually brightens from red to orange to yellow, a dimming, sunset-simulating light mode to help you fall asleep, and doubles as a bedside lamp with 20 different brightness settings. Best of all, unlike the sun, this one has a snooze button and anything is better than being jarred awake in the dark by obnoxious alarms beeping and usually even before the real sun even rises.

Coshell Chair by Tendo Mokko

Coshell Chair by japanese furniture maker Tendo Mokko comes beautifully flat packed and can be assembled in approximately 20 minutes. In the Tohoku region of Japan, ‘Coshell’ means ‘to create’. This seating design stands to deliver the pleasure of creation to its owner, while also exuding the importance and brilliance of earnest craftsmanship. The chair is made-up of a molded white beech plywood frame finished with a urethane resin, in combination with canvas upholstery. The design is a representation of Tendo-Mokko’s production which is strongly embedded in the technique of bending thin sliced plywood into molds.