Scanmarker Air

Scan and edit your notes on the go. Scanmarker Air is an incredible productivity tool that allows you to skip the summarizing and typing process. Just slide it across any printed text. Scanmarker Air scans directly into the computer application or web browser of your choice, facilitating effortless retyping and sharing whether you are using Word documents, Excel, Gmail, Facebook or any other application, the text appears directly where you would like it. You can also translate into over 40 languages. Simply select the language you would like to translate to, slide the pen over your paper document and the translation will appear right where your cursor is blinking in a matter of second.


Drone Sweaters – Clothes for Cold Drones

Drone not flying so hot in the cold? Artist Danielle Baskin has a solution — Drone Sweater. Danielle Baskin initially created the aptly named “Drone Sweaters” as a joke but quickly learned they served a practical purpose for some drown owners. Batteries in general are known to be susceptible to cold weather, which is why many photographers keep a spare battery in their pockets to keep them warm during cold shoots. There are still many drone owners who have seen their drones shiver violently after exposure to winter temperatures but hesitate to put clothing on their drones for fear of appearing odd. Well, have no fear. If you are concerned about your drone being cold, there is certainly no harm in putting clothing on them.


Macbook Selfie Stick


Check out the Macbook Selfie Stick. It lets you mount a Macbook at the end of a long telescoping pole for easy self-portraits with the built-in iSight camera. Unfortunately this product isn’t commercially available yet. It was created as an art project by the trio Moises (Art404), John Yuyi, and Tom Galle. Depending on public reaction and interest, however, it’s possible we may eventually see one of these things hit the market.


GreenLighting Solar Phone Charger


Have you ever been in the situation where your battery is dead but you have to use your phone and there’s no outlets nearby? There’s a solution for you, the Solar Phone Charger. This solar phone charger works with the natural energy of the Sun which is totally free and it preserves environmentally friendly to our planet. The convenient suction cup allows you to stick your charger to the window so even while you are indoors you still can charge your mobile phone. As a plus it also has a built-in battery so you can store additional charges even if your phone is full.