Luminoodle Portable LED Light Rope and Lantern


Check out this powerful and compact rope light or more appropriately, Luminoodle! It is a portable LED light rope and lantern. Whether you are camping, biking, or doing handy work, the Luminoodle provides a bright, spread out light to see your surroundings. It also makes a perfect patio addition, as it offers a great deal of light with minimal energy. It is flexible, waterproof,  and powered by any USB battery or power source. Luminoodle comes with universal ties, embedded magnets, utility loop, and a lantern bag so you can stick, strap, hook, or hang it to add light to your night.

Luminoodle Light Rope

SteriPEN – Portable Water Purifier

Plan on taking a rugged camping trip soon or venturing to far away lands on vacation? Then you should take SteriPEN along. Simply insert the SteriPEN into 16 ounces of water, turn it on and wait 48 seconds. You now have pure, clean & safe drinking water. The ultra-portable SteriPEN uses UV Light to purify the water and destroy microbes, germs and viruses at a 99.99% success rate. There are so many great uses for this thing: vacations, emergencies, hiking or you just don’t trust the water supply.


FlyeBaby is the perfect traveling companion for baby and you. FlyeBaby is a hammock-type seat that can be used on an airplane during the cruise portion of the flight as a comfortable and convenient place to put your baby. It can also attach to most dining room chairs to serve as a portable high chair.


Overade – Foldable Bike Helmet

The main reason why cyclists take the risk of not wearing a helmet is the inconvenience of carrying it when not on the bike. Starting from this issue, Overade developed and patented a very innovative folding helmet permitting to store it very easily but without forgetting comfort and security. Smart and easy to use, the helmet folds and unfolds in seconds. A great innovation that will make it essential for cyclists.