Spider Catcher


You keep seeing spiders in your house or apartment but you are too afraid to get rid of them, maybe because you don’t want to harm them or you are just waiting for someone else to do that for you? You don’t have to do that anymore! Here’s a solution for you and it’s called the Spider Catcher! This little thing will come you in handy because you can catch and remove all that spiders without doing them any harm and, also, without coming closer to them – from a pretty safe distance. Wait no more and get back to your normal sleep routine knowing that the spiders are far away from your house.

Dual Music Player


Dual Music Player is a combination of a MP3 and CD player. Use it as MP3 player as you normally would, hang it around your neck, clip it on your jeans or place it in your pocket. Otherwise open both sides and insert your favorite CD and play like a CD player. It is also compatible with bluetooth headphone. You don’t need two device to listen to music anymore.

BalKonzept – Table & Planter for balconies


Life in the city makes us dream about an “outside space”. Very often there is just a small balcony without space for a table. With BALKONZEPT it is finally possible to invest the small balcony. No matter the size of your balcony it settles directly on the balustrade. In the receptacle it is possible to plant flowers and aromatic grasses, or to fill it with ice for the champagne.

Smuggler’s Belt


Smuggler’s Belt, the hidden compartment belt is professional smuggler’s solution to carrying microfiche, concealed banknotes, or other contraband. The hidden inner pocket of the Smuggler’s Belt stays closed while you wear it and becomes accessible only when you take the belt off. Pocket measures 3 cm x 9 cm (1″ x 3.5″) and holds about 4 folded bills.

Source: http://www.barrettalley.com/smugglers-belt-natural

LuminAID – An Inflatable Solar Light


The LuminAID light is a solar-powered, inflatable light that packs flat and inflates to create a lightweight lantern. Safe, sustainable, and portable, the LuminAID light provides eight hours of LED light, ideal for recreational use outdoors or in the home as an extra light source. Tuck it away in your first-aid kit or hook it on your backpack to take with you on your next adventure or trip.

Lumio – Folding Book Lamp


The name Lumio is inspired by the idea of an illuminated book. The light turns on when you open the cover and turns off when it’s closed. Lumio illuminates when you need light and stows away compactly when unused, ideal for modern living. Adjust the lamp as your lighting needs change throughout the day. Use it as a table lamp, a wall sconce, ceiling pendant, ambient lighting, outdoor lighting or come up with your own unique ways to use Lumio.

Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner


This is one of the funniest in the recent trend for robotic vacuum cleaners in Japan. The Mocoro might sound like a bizarre but sophisticated piece of technology – a colorful “fur” ball that rolls automatically around home cleaning but actually its beauty lies in its simplicity. All you need to do is clean the furry cover and then let the ball do the rest. It has an internal timer so this fluffy “space ball” will roll around every 15 minutes picking up dust and dirt in all those annoying nooks and crannies under the furniture. When the floor is clean, just slip off the mop and wash it. While we can’t vouch for their effectiveness on carpet, these Mocoro balls will be just perfect for wooden and vinyl floors.

Quack Dog Muzzle


Japanese designers reinterpret the dog muzzle. This original duck-bill muzzle will help keep your pooch from snapping, yapping, and nipping when out and about. Perfect for curious dogs with big attitudes, this soft-fit silicon muzzle takes the stigma out of scary-looking muzzles by opting for a comical and softer look and feel. This beaked muzzle, from OPPO, comes in 3 different sizes and you can choose from brown, pink or yellow.

Man Titanium Utility Ring


This is one of the most unique rings ever produced. Crafted from aerospace grade titanium, it is a comfortable and smart looking ring. Hidden inside is an assortment of useful tools. It has a working bottle opener, a straight blade perfect for cutting packing tape or fishing line, a serrated blade for tougher things like nylon strapping or those tough to open electronics heat sealed packages, a saw for cutting plastic and wood, and it has a comb! Although the comb is tiny, it actually does a surprisingly good job on the stache or head! You would be amazed at just how handy this ring is.

LED Crystal Earrings


We’ve always known that geek girls exude a certain glow. Of course, sometimes it’s because they’re X-Men and sometimes it’s because of radiation, but most of the time it’s because geek girls are made of pure awesome. A beautiful, glowing geek girl needs a pair of equally glowing earrings. These LED Crystal Earrings are guaranteed to make any geek girl a beacon of light in a sea of darkness. When you want to go incognito, wear the rubber backs and these will appear to be simple studs. Change to the battery backs and the super-bright LED’s will shine.

Source: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/f349/?cpg=cj&ref=&CJURL=&CJID=2617611