This is the portable lounge chair that eliminates the need to bring a cooler, umbrella, or tote bag to the beach. Insulated compartments inside the armrests hold up to 12 cans of soda, four wine bottles, or several sandwiches, keeping them cold even on sweltering summer days. A removable 4′-diameter umbrella tilts 180º and rotates up to 360º to block the sun from any direction. A 18″ x 21″ pocket under the seat holds reading material, towels, and sunscreen and two cup holders in the armrests keep drinks close at hand. An adjustable pillow provides proper head and neck support whether you are lying prone or supine, and the leg rest detaches and converts into a side- or lap table. The seat and backrest are made of breathable, soft mesh and the chair folds and has casters, a telescoping handle, and two shoulder straps for easy transport.