Flower Petals Clock

Flower Clock designed by Rafael Assandri generate new piece of flower petal whenever the hour grows late. Each petal represents 5 minutes. Every half an hour, you’ve got 6 new petals. Each time a new hour begins, a new petal begins to expand. Materials and machinery non-existent at the moment. Quite the conceptual piece of greenery.

Bookcase Into A Bed

With new houses getting smaller and space being at a premium one young designer has come up with the perfect solution. Designer Karen created a bookcase that transforms into a bed. A mattress stands upright in four bits and forms the bulk of the bookcase. These surround five storage shelves which are suspended in mid-air by a wall mounted frame. The mattress sections are placed on the floor and slot together to form the bed – with two parts for a single, or all four to make a double.

Convertible Futon Bunk Bed

If you are the type of person that has the problem of having to provide sleeping space for more people than you have room for, then the Convertible Futon Bunk Bed is your new best friend, from a normal sofa and with a little help it transforms into two bunk beds. Interesting, creative, extremely useful and not to bad prices, bondon have made us proud.

LED Blow On-Off Candle

The LED Blow On-Off Candles are solid wax and feature a natural-looking, flickering light just like normal candles, but they have a couple of extra techno enhanced powers. Regular candles will blow out if you blow on the flame, but these LED candles will also blow on. All you have to do is use the master on/off switch on the bottom, and these candles will turn on and off with just a puff at the “flame”. Even better, each candle has a switch to select either a cool blue flame, or a more realistic yellowish flame. From the proper distance and height, these candles will fool everyone into thinking they are the real thing; they are a fantastic way to put candles where it is too dangerous to have open flames. And, they won’t drip wax all over your mithril armor either.

Grab it here: http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/lights/94ce/?cpg=cj

The Pool Rock Climbing Wall

The Pool Rock Climbing Wall is by award-winning industrial designer Mr. Christofer Born, from Germany and has designed a way for aqua climbing to be taken to another level.

The Magically Cut Chair

Even though it’s back has been severed and three of it’s legs have been slashed, this design is still standing pretty. It’s called the Cut Chair, and it’s is the latest victim of designer Peter Bristol’s wonderfully twisted imagination. The secret is that the one solid leg is a reinforced beam anchored to a plate beneath the rug stabilizes the cantilevered seat while three cleverly placed dismembered legs give the illusion that the chair has just been magically sliced apart.

Water Clock at Osaka Station City complex

Located in the South Gate Building of the new Osaka Station City complex, is a large rectangular water display created by local firm Koei Industry, this water display emits illuminated water droplets in carefully controlled patterns to reproduce images such as time readout, scrolling patterns and text. Watch and behold the awesome water display.

Sway Rocking Chair – By Markus Krauss

This is awesome, a rocking chair big enough for two. Designed by Markus Strauss, this beautiful piece of furniture is a rocking chair with a padded seat and a steel frame strong enough to hold two comfortably. It features a telescope mechanism that locks the Sway so it can be used as a chair.

Land Peel by Shin Yamashita

Land Peel by Shin Yamashita from the Kyoto Institute of Technology. It is a three piece mat that can be lifted and tucked away to match the user’s needs. You can make it a seat, table or just a regular mat to fit your needs whether it be to study, eat, or chill out.

Unusual Carpet by Tarkett

Thought up by the creative minds at 5.5 Designers for a flooring exhibition, the unusual Carpet is essentially a large roll of Tarkett flooring that can be used as a bench or unraveled and transformed into a seating / lounging area.