Laser Virtual Keychain Keyboard

Seeing that we are always on the go, we often find ourselves working from remote places, but sending emails and writing reports can be quite the hassle from your smartphone or tablet if you are used to the ease of a full size keyboard. The Laser Virtual Keychain Keyboard looks to put an end to this growing issue by providing access to a full sized keyboard anytime, anywhere. The compact keychain designed device utilizes advanced optics that can track your fingers for efficiency and accuracy while typing, and thanks to the Bluetooth technology used, you can literally connect the projection virtual keyboard to any mobile device including your smartphone, table or even laptop if you desire.


poolPOD – Wireless Floating Waterproof Speaker

Audio Unlimited poolPOD Wireless Floating Waterproof Speaker allows you to enjoy your music while relaxing in a hot tub, pool or any other water environment. This fully waterproof speaker is powered by 900MHz Phase Loop Lock circuitry, which guarantees a strong, clear signal up to 150 feet away, with no line of sight limitations. The transmitter delivers a powerful signal through walls or any other obstacles in your yard.

USB Tulip Stick Ultrasonic Humidifier

When the air gets a little too dry at your desk this winter, skip hauling out the bulky humidifier. Just pop the USB Tulip Stick Ultrasonic Humidifier into water and connect it to your computer while you work, and feel the air quality immediately improve. Available in four stylish colors, the shape and the tones will blend in harmoniously with your desktop environment. It is also equipped with a timer in case you forget to turn it off, plus can be used in either continuous or intermittent modes.


Spraytect Pepper Spray iPhone Case

Seeing that your Apple iPhone is always just a quick reach away, it makes sense to build a defense tool right into the case itself. That’s exactly what the Spraytect iPhone Case is, a detachable pepper spray cartridge built right into the case. The case features several different safety mechanisms to ensure you don’t end up spraying yourself in the eye, and also comes in different colors as well.

Branch Earphone Splitter

Share music with others using this three-way earphone splitter shaped like a tree branch. The Branch Earphone Splitter by Kikkerland, can be plugged to any standard 3.5 headphone jack and will split the signal into three so you would be able to share what you are playing on your portable device (mp3 player, iPhone, etc) with other people. Alternatively you can use it to hook multiple powered speakers to a single audio source. The Branch Earphone Splitter also comes with a removable cap that can be used to hang it your keyring.


Re-Warming Stick

If you’re a geek, you probably run on caffeine. And if you don’t get your fix from soda or energy drinks, you’re probably partial to coffee beans or tea leaves. But the problem with hot beverages is keeping them that way. From now on there is no need to worry. Your favorite drink will stay as hot as you like it. The Re-Warming stick comes to us from designer Hyewon Lee. This innovative gadget can be charged via USB connected base.

Frohne eClip USB Flash Drive

Frohne eClip is the most advanced USB flash drive with enhanced features that made Frohne a global icon. eClip protects your personal data, intellectual property, employer data, customer data, and trade secrets with security software. eClip features a gold memory connector that is scratch resistant, extreme weather resistant, dust resistant, shock resistant, water resistant, alcohol resistant, and electromagnetic resistant. eClip is also compatible with Mac and PC and is RoHS, FCC, CE certified. eClip is ergonomically designed to be situated in a pocket, necklace, or in a binder folder.

SmartSwipe – Safe Online Shopping

SmartSwipe encrypts and protects your credit card information to make online shopping faster and safer than ever. Just swipe your credit card on SmartSwipe device connected to your PC via USB. No more typing card numbers and protect against hackers, viruses and spyware. It works virtually on any website accepting credit card payments. Light, portable, easy to use. Just plug SmartSwipe on your PC and go.

Mobiblu Nanum Folding Cube MP3 Player

Korean company Mobiblu unveils the Nanum folding cube MP3 player. The cube mp3 player has controls on its side and it can be unfolded to a cross shape. The MP3 Nanum measures just 30mm cubed, connects via USB 2.0, has a 1GB storage capacity and supports MP3, WMA and WAV files.

The Portable Iron

The Portable Iron allows the user to transform the smart box easily into an iron. However, this iron cannot be used for massive number of cloths, but this will prove very much helpful and effective when you are on a trip. This iron includes two heating plates placed one on another with a spring between them. This two plate design will allow easier ironing of the collars by simply putting it between them and gently toasting it. This iron can be operated on standard electrical power when you need full heating power. Additionally, it works also on battery when you are roaming.