Oru Origami Kayak

San Francisco based designer Anton Willis has introduced quite an incredible contraption in the Oru Origami Kayak allowing you to literally take your kayak with you anywhere you go. When fully expanded, the Oru folding kayak is around 12 feet long, and weighs only 25 pounds making it extremely easy to maneuver to transport. When you’re all done with the kayak, simply fold it to a messenger bag.

Source: http://www.orukayak.com

Titan Exhaust Air Jack

If your car been stuck with a flat tire or in the mud you just don’t want to mess around with that clumsy jack. This air jack is perfect for you. No worries of placing the jack on the frame correctly, or if you can get a jack under it at all. Simply slide this durable PVC-coated woven polyester fabric balloon underneath your car, truck, trailer, camper or ATV, attach the hose and cone end to your exhaust pipe and watch in amazement as it quickly inflates and lifts the vehicle up.

ICEdot Crash Sensor

Cycling alone can be a scary thing. Sure if someone sees you crash, they are hopefully going to contact help, but what if you are in the middle of no man’s land? Well this slim device that will mount as an aftermarket device onto any helmet. When paired with the ICEdot app on a smart phone, the system is able to detect motion, changes in forces and impacts. The incredible crash sensor will begin a countdown when it senses you crashed. If you do not stop the countdown, it will contact your emergency contacts and alert them of your exact GPS location via a low impact Bluetooth connected smartphone application.

Source: https://icedot.org/crash

Topeak Bikamper

The innovative Topeak Bikamper is the perfect overnight tent for mountain bikers looking to travel light, but require ample shelter for the evening. Designed to be used with 26” mountain or 700C road bikes, this personal shelter tent utilizes the front wheel of the bike in place of conventional tent poles. The extremely durable Topeak Bikamper is constructed from weather ultra weather resistant, urethane coated ripstop nylon, and weighs only 3.5 pounds, making it amazingly portable for your outdoor excursions.  Both tent and fly pack down to a small, space saving size. Topeak Bikeamper is winner of the EuroBike award.

ECOXPOWER Bike Charger

The Ecoxpower will assure you’ll never run out of power on your smartphone or GPS. The genius contraption will charge your smartphone or GPS while you pedal. The faster you go the faster your device charges. Ecoxpower is also a light that can be turned on/off from a handlebar mounted switch. It also includes a mounted water resistant touch screen case for your smartphone/GPS.

Contortionist – A sleek folding bike

The Contortionist is a sleek folding bike with pivots in its aluminium frame and a lockable universal joint in the front fork, enabling it to roll up to an ultra-compact size that fits within the width of its 26 inch wheels. The designer, Dominic Hargreaves decided to eschew messy chains for this bike and opted instead for an internal hydraulic system that uses oil pumped through tubes in the frame to spin the back wheel. The bike didn’t go into production, but, elements of innovation within the design are now being developed into production bikes with an undisclosed manufacturer.

Ar-Vag – The folding boat

Thibault Penven, student of Ecole Cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL) in switzerland, has created ‘ar-vag’. The design is a folding boat for a short tour or a fishing trip. The feature of the vessel is that it is faster to assemble than an inflatable dinghy and less cumbersome than a fixed attachment. The hull consists of a series of fiberglass sheets covered with heat-welded plastic tarpaulin. To set sail, the user must unfold the thin, light body of the watercraft and make it rigid with the central bench, which functions as the core, thereby giving it its final shape and making it comfortable. The project was shown as part of the beopen exhibition at the design miami art basel 2012.

Arrow Zone for Bicycles

Cyclists can do with as much illumination help that they can get from getting accidentally hit at night. The Arrow Zone performs a similar function of warning oncoming and follow-up traffic of your bicycle presence. However this sleek attachment hooks to the side and projects a distinctive arrow to the lane to the side of your cycle. It’s a detachable unit thus you can hook it to either side of the bike, depending upon which side of the road you drive.

The Water Jet Pack

The Water Jet Pack is by far the best invention of 2012. Having two extremely strong water blasters you can lift you up over 20 feet high and thrust forward at 22 miles per hour.